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Angular 1.4 experimental: directive within a directive

I recently ran into an issue where I have a fairly nested directive and within the directive itself has an input that requires a decorator type directive such as for validation. As far as the title of the blog post, I figure that with each Angular 1.x release (2 in the near future) it's probably best to tag these posts accordingly since each version introduces new syntax, etc and might not work if you're still on the earlier version. The problem I'll be using TypeScript for my example. For simplification, let's say that you have a directive that validates an input. The directive is called, "va…

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Using script to archive Gmail to Evernote

Today, I was looking for a way to automatically save any emails that are labeled "Articles" to Evernote on my Gmail account. I have filters to specifically target the email addresses that I've specified and automatically label them with "Articles". This makes it convenient for me so everything is in one place when I have time to read them. I've been using Evernote lately and happen to like how it takes a snapshot of articles that I want to be saved and read it (even if the original source goes away). There's Zapier and IFTTT which I use for automating my Instagram, and other online services…

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Webstorm and using Yeoman

I did a trial for WebStorm 6 a week and a half ago and immediately fell in love with it after playing with it for a couple days. I purchased a license for it right away during the trial period. The main feature that sold me to the IDE was the fact that it has components and workflow to work with modern JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Modernizr, etc. For instance, you can have several JavaScript frameworks and have it reusable across multiple projects. By setting a library to "global", it makes it available for auto completion for all projects (meaning every project will automatically…

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Bootstrapping an Angular JS app dynamically

Most of the code samples that you'll find regarding bootstrapping Angular JS is to do it declarative such as html ng-app="" You can name your app or leave it blank if you only have 1 app (I find that in most cases, 1 app is enough although you can have multiple controller if needed). What if you want to get away from the declarative approach and do all the App bootstrapping in JavaScript? I find that the code above works but is not flexible especially on large-scale applications where you have a "layout" template and you know ahead of time that you're not going to use Angular JS on every sin…

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