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Deploying Octopress to GitHub or Heroku

I spent numerous hours messing with command line and figuring out the deployment process for Octopress. I recently migrated all my blog posts from Menace Studio which was using the Orchard Project CMS. I really liked the CMS which is built around ASP.NET MVC and SQL Compact back end. My main issue with Orchard as well as other ones such as WordPress is that they're all trying to be an all in one solution (blogs, ecommerce, personal, etc.) which makes it really bulky. The main reasons why I switched to Octopress is the fact that the site is entirely static generated content. The posts and page…

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Shell action and installing Octopress

I was trying to install Octopress and see what the buzz is about. I'm also a fan of static site generators such as which I use for this blog and I wanted to explore other options such as Jekyll which is what Octopress is based off. This blog post is meant to document my experience/journey with the installation, and things that I encountered along the way including how to fix them. I also have been working lately with command prompt so I wanted a little bit of a challenge and see if I can do it. Granted, it takes a little bit of work to get Octopress runnning so it requires a…

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